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Big update

It’s been way too long since I have made any blog posts. I mostly use Facebook for my pictures and updates on my kids. (yes I said kids, hence I really need to update my blog). I’m determined this year that I’ll blog more. If I have the time to post an update on Facebook then I have the time to make a quick blog post about it.

Facebook is great but it’s a pain to scroll through and not a good way to document things so my kids can read them later in life.

Anaiah is going to be 2 1/1 on 2/6. I can’t believe it. She has grown up way too fast.

I have a headache right now so I can’t formulate thoughts very well. I guess I’m making an blog entry because it’s one of the rare times both my girls are quiet.

First I’ll update by saying we adopted again. We were very surprised that we were blessed financially to be able to afford to adopt again so soon This isn’t something we anticipated affording for another 5 years.

We signed on with our same consultants (Faithful Adoption Consultants)  and 2 months later we were matched with a birth mom due 12/3. We found out she was in Arizona which worked out well cause my dad and step mom live there (that’s yet another update) . We flew out when she was just over 38 weeks so we could get to know her (we knew she’d deliver early). Felicity Lynn was born 11/29/15 at 1:06 am weighting 6 lb 12 oz and 20.5″ long! She’s now 5 weeks old. On 12/31 she weighted 7 lb 11 oz and 21.5″ long She is a little peanut. Smaller then Anaiah. Anaiah was 8 lb 7 oz and 22.75″ long at a month. today someone asked me if she was a preemie. Nope, both our girls were just peanuts (they are not biologically related at all)

I got to be present for the labor and delivery while Jonathan waited in the waiting room (which he preferred anyway). I got to hold Mary’s hand (Mary is Felicity’s tummy mommy) while she had contractions. After Felicity was born mary and I shared a room until they were discharged. I can’t explain how much of a bonding experience that was. Felicity was not a good sleeper and didn’t sleep much at all so we took turns sleeping.

When Felicity was 2 weeks old (after we had returned home) we found out she had reflux (which I suspected anyway). She was put on ranitidine. It helped for a bit but slowly her reflux has been coming back. She’s sleeping 4 hours at a time at night which is great but during the day she only sleeps 15 minutes or less at a time.

For the first two weeks she didn’t sleep at all at night. She would just scream and scream. She still refluxes but at least the medicine helps enough to comfort her so she can sleep at night. She’s slowly starting to get fussier and fussier though. Last night she was up until almost 2 am. She slept 4 hours after that so that was good.

I have a lot more to update on. My visit with my dad in Arizona and of course a big update on Anaiah!

For now I have to get going because it’s time to go to my in laws for family dinner. Tonight is panini night!

Still sick

The past few weeks have been less then desirable. We found out that Anaiah had Pneumonia. She had to go on  azithromycin for 3 days and nebulizer treatments for several weeks. She has about 2 more weeks of nebulizer treatments left. The machine was $70…not covered by ins.  I feel like I”m swimming in medical bills. I have around $1,200 in medical bills out there…maybe closer to $1,500. our FSA only has $500 on it. next year we’ll have to at least double it.  Luckily we all seem to be getting better.  Luckily Anaiah is back to her happy self so that makes my life a lot easier…and more pleasant.



Weeks of sicknesses

Sicknesses have been running rapid this year. Jon got sick with a cold a few weeks ago then I ended up getting a sinus infection and bronchitis. My best friend has pneumonia and Anaiah has been sick all week too.  for several days now all Anaiah has done is cry and sleep. Today she is in better spirits it seems but still isn’t feeling well. I brought her to the doctors yesterday for a same day appointment only to find out the doctor was an hour behind and couldn’t see me. So they scheduled me for 8;30 today at their after hours clinic. The doctor determined that Anaiah needed a nebulizer treatment. After the treatment they said her chest sounded better. So I went all the way to rochester (about 20 minutes) to pick up a machine. They are out of the network for my ins and it would have been $120. However they could fill the albuterol but needed my ins card (which I didn’t have). So I went all the way home and grabbed my card then went back. Then I drove 25 minutes to dover to pick up a machine and paid $70 out of pocket for it. I’m not sure why they didn’t cover the machine> maybe Walgreens was out of their net work. But my ins company is closed so I couldn’t find out who was in network. SO I’m suck paying out of pocket for it.

Finally at noon I get home and start making some chicken stock for the chicken noodle soup I’m making for my best friend. In less then an hour I have to go to Portsmouth (20 minute drive) for a baptism. (my friend Mary is getting baptized) My husband is sick  and was supposed to give a talk so he’s writing one up for me as I type this.

Suffice to say I have had a very long week and all I want to do is cry.

Well Anaiah is back to crying again so I guess I should go tend to her. Why is it she is fussy with me but fine for Jon and fine at the doctors? UGH.


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Anaiah’s Baby Blessing

This post is going to be written like a letter to my daughter:

Today was your baby blessing. Your Grammy Deb and Grampy were there, Aunt Judi and Uncle Chris, Aunt Bethany, Uncle Jon, Aunt Beth & your cousins; Owen, Wes and Ami as well as your Grammy Dot and Aunt Brenda. (and of course Daddy and I)

Unfortunately Beth and I both forgot our camera’s so we didn’t get to take any pictures 😦  I really wanted to take a picture of you with everyone from the family that was at your blessing. I did get pictures of you and your dress though!

Pretty trim

Pretty trim

Beautiful swirls and gems in the dress

Beautiful swirls and gems in the dress

Blessing head band!

Blessing head band!

Blessing dress

Blessing Dress

Daddy gave you a beautiful blessing. In his circle was:

Grampy Ron, Uncle Jon, Uncle Chris, Bishop DellaPiana, Brother Shane Sargent and Brother David Brown. During the blessing you were so well behaved! Your Uncle Jon told me that you smiled and grabbed your grampy’s tie. You love to kick your feet and kicked Daddy a couple of times during the blessing!

I took some notes during the blessing and here is what I wrote down.

You were blessed that your body will be strong and healthy, that your mind will be pure and virtuous, that you would seek after the Lord and hold your covenants sacred, that you would be sensitive to the guidance of the spirit and be a righteous example to your  family and friends.


We finalized our adoption!

For an adoption to be finalized there are typically 2 hearings. One at 3 month’s (a preliminary hearing) and one at 6 month’s. (finalization). We had to collect paperwork so our preliminary hearing  happened to fall at our 6 month mark.

We have submitted financials 3 times. per the request of the court I have given receipts for credit card statements proving my adoption expenses but they still have an issue with the agency charges and want more info from the agency. At first this was going to hold us up from finalizing but once the judge found out that we can’t perform our religious ceremonies until we finalize and get a birth certificate he decided to sign off and let us finalize!!

Us & Judge Patten

Us & Judge Patten

Us & Our lawyer!

Us & Our lawyer!

Anaiah and judge Patten

Anaiah and judge Patten

Anaiah is ready for our family celebration dinner!

Anaiah is ready for our family celebration dinner!