Something funny Anaiah said today

Anaiah is almost 3, I can’t believe it! Before I head to bed I had to take the time to document a few things she did today.

This morning she was playing with garage band on my husbands iPad. She was playing with the piano and was having fun changing the sounds. She got to one that sounded like a fart and said something to the effect of “that’s a fart, ahah”. So then she pressed it a few more times and said “oops, excuse me”. Jon and I started laughing and couldn’t stop. That’s something you’d expect out of a 8 year old boy not a 2 1/2 year old girl lol.

*Poop mentioned below*

Then later that day I told her I had to go potty (she’s been potty training for about a month now and is pretty good about going on her own when it comes to pee but she still poops in her undies). She said “I watch you go potty, you watch me go potty”. So we got to the bathroom and I went first. I had to go #1 and #2. While I was going to the bathroom she looked down at my undies and saw my panty liner. I was having my period but it was a bit light so instead of a tampon I was using a thin pad. She got this huge grin on her face and said, quite enthusiastically, MOMMY YOU POOP IN YOUR UNDIES??”. I said “no sweetheart I didn’t”. She pointed to the panty liner and said (with a smile and the kind of tone like “ha, mommy had an accident too) “no mommy, you pooped in your undies!”
I Couldn’t help but laugh so hard I cried. I had to try to explain to her about periods but she’s not even 3 so of course she didn’t understand. She was so happy mommy had an accident in her undies too. Silly girl.

For a while Anaiah had caught on that if she told me she had to go potty that I’d come get her out of her room and let her go. So at bed time she’d keep saying “mommy, I have to go pottyyyyyy” (like a na na na na boo boo, you have to come get me” tone). Luckily she has realized that it’s not very funny to me and only tells me when she has to go.

well I suppose I should get to bed. Oh one more thing. Felicity laughs primarily at her sister She has only laughed for me a few times. It’s adorable to see how much these two girls love each other already. Felicity adores Anaiah and Anaiah adores her.

The other day Anaiah said to Felicity “baby sister I love you SOOOOOO much” Then turned to me and said “mommy I love my Felicity SOOOOO much”.

She also sings to Felicity when Felicity is upset and it calms her down. Felicity loves to be sang to. I got it on video but unfortunately something happened with the sound and the sound didn’t come out 😦

ok off to bed.


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