First tooth!

Anaiah finally got her first tooth! She has has a bump on her gums for several months now. For the past few weeks she hasn’t been napping well and been crying at night shortly after we put her to bed. (which is un unusual for her) We had one really rough night where I had to sit in the room or she’d cry. I sat there until almost mid night. She didn’t cry as long as I was in the room. Her tooth finally made it through the gums (that night) and she is much better now! I’d get a picture of the tooth but that’s darn near impossible LOL

I can’t believe she’s 13 months! One year stats:

Weight: 15 lb under 3rd percentile

height 28″ 13th percentile

Head 16.75 less then 3rd percentile.

I’ll be taking her 13 month pictures today. I guess now that she’s a year I don’t need to take monthly pictures but I love taking them and her birth mom likes getting them.