Sick baby

Jon is away on a business trip and I was talking to him on the phone. He was telling me how the hotel had overbooked so they had to take him to another hotel at midnight no less. While talking to him I walked into the babies room to see this:



I said “holy crap”! He thought I was responding to what he was saying. 

Anaiah seems to have what I had last week…accept worse. I had diarrhea for 5 days. She started having diarrhea Saturday morning. This morning I woke up to her and her crib FULL of diarrhea. It was even dried onto her. 

My mother in law was speaking in church so I had decided to go for the first hour and then come back home. When I was doing something in the kitchen Anaiah projectile vomited everywhere so we stayed home. A little bit later she did the same thing. 

My best friend Judi came over to help because I was completely over whelmed. It allowed me to be able to get her bed stuff washed while Judi spent some time with Anaiah. 

Anaiah had her one year shots yesterday. They went ok. She cried like she was scared though. Can’t say I blame her, I know some vaccines can burn (wasn’t even the prick of the needle that hurt her)


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