Big update

I’m kind of sad that I haven’t been doing a better job at journaling. Not all of my posts on here are public (I have my fair share of private ones) but it’s still been far to long. I vowed to myself that when Anaiah came I’d journal more.

Anyhow, I can only do better going forward.

Anaiah is 11 months now! Time has flown by way to fast. She has gone from doing this funny crab walk to crawling, to pulling herself to a stand, to walking with the assistance of hands or furniture.

Anaiah still loves food just as much as she did before. All this kid wants to do is eat. Doesn’t matter how much she has had, she will cry if she sees food and you don’t share.

Here is her crab walk:

crab walk

crab walk



climbing the stairs for the first time




I’ve been putting Anaiah on the potty a few times a day so she can poop. She doesn’t exclusively use the potty but she will go on it. I’m on my computer doing something and suddenly I think “why does it smell so good in here?” I look up to see Anaiah doing this: LOL


As for me, I have started sewing again. I sew car seat covers that convert to a nursing cover (it has an attachment with boning so you can peek in on your baby.

I’m going to have to share pictures of them in another post though.

I’m in the process of making some labels that  I can sew onto my items. I could buy them too but they are cheap and easy to make so I’m going to try that first.

I’ve also been practicing my photography with the help of my friend Shannon. I am making my own back drop so I can do a smash cake photo session with Anaiah. The only thing I’m not sure about is doing it during her party. I’d prefer to do it with only Jon around because it will be easier then when there are a dozen or more people around. I’m not sure what I’m going to do. Because I know that others will want to watch Anaiah eat cake for the first time. So I may have to do it during her party and just make sure they know to give me my space so I can photograph. (which also means no other photography will be allowed during the session) I can’t risk someone using flash and messing up my photo shoot.

we had a huge get together for the 4th of July recently. I didn’t take any pictures, which isn’t like me. I wasn’t in a very social mood that day so photography was the last thing on my mind. Usually I’m very social but that day I wasn’t.

I tried to get some pictures of all 3 of the baby girls there (so cute in their dresses) but Ami wouldn’t stop moving and Anaiah would only sit still for so long.

Anaiah and Ami

Anaiah and Ami

Anaiah in her outfit

Anaiah in her outfit

Trying to get a picture of them on the stairs

Trying to get a picture of them on the stairs

Patty cake or itzy bitzy spider. I can't remember.

Patty cake or itzy bitzy spider. I can’t remember.

Deb & the kids

Deb & the kids


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