most embarrassing day ever

Yesterday was a busy day. I started out by dropping off my daughter with my best friend so she could watch her for me for the day. I was running late so I was late to my physical therapy appointment. Which made me late for my next appointment. The problem was I hadn’t eaten all day and I had to go to the bathroom. I had a 2 hour drive ahead of me so I couldn’t risk stopping and being late. When I got there (Dartmouth Hitchcock Headache Center) I ran right in and was relieved when I was on time. (well 15 minutes late technically which is their cut off). I was there so I could get another round of botox injections for my headaches/migraines (I have chronic daily headaches with migraine like symptoms).  


During the first part of the injections I’m laying down…and I can tell I don’t feel to well but I shrug it off. During the last part of the injections they sit me up in a chair. Not to shortly after they start the next round of injections I start to get woozy. Everything starts to get fuzzy. I quickly say “I haven’t eaten today and I think I’m going to faint…” 
The doctor grabs me a juice off her desk and hands it to me. The next thing you know I”m woken up by “Amy, Amy, Amy” and the doctor and a nurse are carrying me to the bed and laying me down. 

They took my blood pressure and heart rate. My heart rate was down to 88 so they laid me there for a little bit and brought me a snack. then I realize I’m wet. “Crap!” I though “I must have started my period again” (sometimes my period ends only to start back up for a day or two). So I tell the doctor and she brings me a pad and wheels me to the bathroom in a wheelchair. I get in the bathroom only to find that it was not in fact my period. I had peed when I passed out. “Well that explains the smell of urine” I thought to myself. utter humiliation set in. The doctor had obviously known I had peed but was waiting until I figured it out (I was half delirious). The most embarrassing part was not only the stench but that the nurse/LNA had been holding my legs up in the air (help with blood flow maybe?)

I”m still humiliated thinking about it. 

It gets better….I had to drive home in my urine soaked undies and pants. I had a 2 hour drive. There was NO WAY I was getting out of that car to go buy clothes. Not only was there no where close to shop but I freaking stinked to high heaven. 

When I got home I had to call my sister in law, Bethany because we are sharing my car until she gets her new one. I called and said “you might want to bring a towel” and proceeded to tell her what happened. 

Anyhow, I didn’t really feel well the rest of the day but I felt good enough to drive.