Bath time fun!

Today I showed Anaiah how much fun splashing could be and that’s all she wanted to do during bath time today! So after bath time I put her in her bathing suit and let her plan in her bath tub for a bit! So far she doesn’t seem to mind water getting on her face and even tolerated me laying her down and letting the water come up over her ears.

Here is a video!





When I pictured a child saying the words “mama” for the first time I imagined my child would look at me, arms raised and lovingly say “mama” followed by a choir of angels singing something like this: (ok not really but you catch my drift) What I didn’t imagine is that it would happen like this:

I’m sitting at my computer going over how much it’s going to cost us to get certified copies of our birth certificates (our adoption agency kept ours) and Anaiah is fussing. I know she’s hungry so I stop what I’m doing and go grab a banana to cut up for her. AT this point her “fussing” starts to turn into yelling….”YELL.”…. pause…..”YELL” …pause… so at this point I say out loud “ok now she’s just  yelling at me” (I wish I had recorded it). My husband then comes out of his office and say’s “sweet heart she’s yelling “mama, you can’t hear it?” So I stop and listen and I’ll be darned! She was! Mind you she was yelling “MAMA!!!” (which sounded more like “UMA! UMA!”)  It was a demanding yell like “SLAVE GET ME BY BANANA”.

Ok so Anaiah has said “mama” twice before when she was sick (around 5-6 month’s old) but have never said it regularly before now.  On a more serious note it was still sweet. Even if she was yelling at me because I dared to leave the room.

All healthy again!

We are all healthy again (Finally)!

Anaiah is now sitting up on her own unassisted! I love that she can sit and play with her toys. NO signs of crawling yet. She tries so hard but just doesn’t get it.



Cousins Ami and Wes came over to play last week!



I entitle this next one “Hey that’s mine!!”



My nephew Wes is such a ham!