Weeks of sicknesses

Sicknesses have been running rapid this year. Jon got sick with a cold a few weeks ago then I ended up getting a sinus infection and bronchitis. My best friend has pneumonia and Anaiah has been sick all week too.  for several days now all Anaiah has done is cry and sleep. Today she is in better spirits it seems but still isn’t feeling well. I brought her to the doctors yesterday for a same day appointment only to find out the doctor was an hour behind and couldn’t see me. So they scheduled me for 8;30 today at their after hours clinic. The doctor determined that Anaiah needed a nebulizer treatment. After the treatment they said her chest sounded better. So I went all the way to rochester (about 20 minutes) to pick up a machine. They are out of the network for my ins and it would have been $120. However they could fill the albuterol but needed my ins card (which I didn’t have). So I went all the way home and grabbed my card then went back. Then I drove 25 minutes to dover to pick up a machine and paid $70 out of pocket for it. I’m not sure why they didn’t cover the machine> maybe Walgreens was out of their net work. But my ins company is closed so I couldn’t find out who was in network. SO I’m suck paying out of pocket for it.

Finally at noon I get home and start making some chicken stock for the chicken noodle soup I’m making for my best friend. In less then an hour I have to go to Portsmouth (20 minute drive) for a baptism. (my friend Mary is getting baptized) My husband is sick  and was supposed to give a talk so he’s writing one up for me as I type this.

Suffice to say I have had a very long week and all I want to do is cry.

Well Anaiah is back to crying again so I guess I should go tend to her. Why is it she is fussy with me but fine for Jon and fine at the doctors? UGH.


1549255_10152036166870617_1600381382_n 10009290_10152035805875617_2134209570_n


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