Anaiah’s Baby Blessing

This post is going to be written like a letter to my daughter:

Today was your baby blessing. Your Grammy Deb and Grampy were there, Aunt Judi and Uncle Chris, Aunt Bethany, Uncle Jon, Aunt Beth & your cousins; Owen, Wes and Ami as well as your Grammy Dot and Aunt Brenda. (and of course Daddy and I)

Unfortunately Beth and I both forgot our camera’s so we didn’t get to take any pictures 😦  I really wanted to take a picture of you with everyone from the family that was at your blessing. I did get pictures of you and your dress though!

Pretty trim

Pretty trim

Beautiful swirls and gems in the dress

Beautiful swirls and gems in the dress

Blessing head band!

Blessing head band!

Blessing dress

Blessing Dress

Daddy gave you a beautiful blessing. In his circle was:

Grampy Ron, Uncle Jon, Uncle Chris, Bishop DellaPiana, Brother Shane Sargent and Brother David Brown. During the blessing you were so well behaved! Your Uncle Jon told me that you smiled and grabbed your grampy’s tie. You love to kick your feet and kicked Daddy a couple of times during the blessing!

I took some notes during the blessing and here is what I wrote down.

You were blessed that your body will be strong and healthy, that your mind will be pure and virtuous, that you would seek after the Lord and hold your covenants sacred, that you would be sensitive to the guidance of the spirit and be a righteous example to your  family and friends.



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