This weekend hasn’t been very eventful. I came down with a cold late last week and it’s been kicking my butt all weekend. I think I’m starting to get better (at least I hope). I hate head colds….at night when my nose is stuffy I have to breath through my mouth. I can’t sleep that way. I keep waking up and having to drink/swish water. It’s just uncomfortable. Last night was the first night in 3 nights that I was able to breath through my nose even a little.

Anaiah seems to be doing good though. She’s had the sniffles for a week now but nothing major. Right now she is in her swing listening to the Children’s Song Book while I write this journal entry. She seems to really like music. It calms her down and she becomes quiet. Anaiah has been exercising her vocals for over a month now so she tends to get really loud at times. I know it’s a stage and that it’s good that she does it but my daily headaches makes it hard to bare so I’m glad music calms her. Here are a  few pictures from yesterday when she fell asleep in her swing.

IMG_8972 IMG_8969IMG_8974



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