6 months!

It’s hard to believe that Anaiah is 6 month’s already!! She says “hi” regularly to us now. I swear she said it for the first time at 3 month’s old. I have the video some where.

Anyhow, she’s getting very vocal these days. Definitely trying to learn how to control her emotions. She’s angry one second, sad the next and then laughing. Luckily it’s fairly easy to redirect her and make her laugh.

She is still not sitting unassisted yet…well she can for a very little bit (maybe 5-10 seconds). And she has pulled herself a few times but not regularly yet.

So far her favorite foods are banana’s and sweet potatoes. She also seems to like peaches, peas and bread. She will eat carrots but it’s not a favorite. She does NOT like avocados and they made her sick last time she ate them.

6 months




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