This weekend hasn’t been very eventful. I came down with a cold late last week and it’s been kicking my butt all weekend. I think I’m starting to get better (at least I hope). I hate head colds….at night when my nose is stuffy I have to breath through my mouth. I can’t sleep that way. I keep waking up and having to drink/swish water. It’s just uncomfortable. Last night was the first night in 3 nights that I was able to breath through my nose even a little.

Anaiah seems to be doing good though. She’s had the sniffles for a week now but nothing major. Right now she is in her swing listening to the Children’s Song Book while I write this journal entry. She seems to really like music. It calms her down and she becomes quiet. Anaiah has been exercising her vocals for over a month now so she tends to get really loud at times. I know it’s a stage and that it’s good that she does it but my daily headaches makes it hard to bare so I’m glad music calms her. Here are a ¬†few pictures from yesterday when she fell asleep in her swing.

IMG_8972 IMG_8969IMG_8974



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We finalized our adoption!

For an adoption to be finalized there are typically 2 hearings. One at 3 month’s (a preliminary hearing) and one at 6 month’s. (finalization). We had to collect paperwork so our preliminary hearing ¬†happened to fall at our 6 month mark.

We have submitted financials 3 times. per the request of the court I have given receipts for credit card statements proving my adoption expenses but they still have an issue with the agency charges and want more info from the agency. At first this was going to hold us up from finalizing but once the judge found out that we can’t perform our religious ceremonies until we finalize and get a birth certificate he decided to sign off and let us finalize!!

Us & Judge Patten

Us & Judge Patten

Us & Our lawyer!

Us & Our lawyer!

Anaiah and judge Patten

Anaiah and judge Patten

Anaiah is ready for our family celebration dinner!

Anaiah is ready for our family celebration dinner!

6 months!

It’s hard to believe that Anaiah is 6 month’s already!! She says “hi” regularly to us now. I swear she said it for the first time at 3 month’s old. I have the video some where.

Anyhow, she’s getting very vocal these days. Definitely trying to learn how to control her emotions. She’s angry one second, sad the next and then laughing. Luckily it’s fairly easy to redirect her and make her laugh.

She is still not sitting unassisted yet…well she can for a very little bit (maybe 5-10 seconds). And she has pulled herself a few times but not regularly yet.

So far her favorite foods are banana’s and sweet potatoes. She also seems to like peaches, peas and bread. She will eat carrots but it’s not a favorite. She does NOT like avocados and they made her sick last time she ate them.

6 months




Anaiah has started babbling! It’s very cute. Sometimes her babbles sound like she is complaining…telling us how horrible her life is. It’s really funny. Other times it sounds like she is telling us off lol.

On a positive note lots of her babbling sounds like “DADADADA” which is really cute. But I’m happy to say that first she said “MAMA”…although that’s mostly because I would say “mama” to her over and over again lol.

The first time I was certain she associated me with the word “mama” was when she was upset. I put her down and she cried and said “MAMA”. I picked her up and she fell asleep on my lap. A very sweet moment. Now-a-days though all she says is dadadadada…which is fine. She does love her daddy!