First foods!

Anaiah stopped sleeping through the night right around 5 month’s old so I decided to start her on solids. We are doing baby led weaning so I skipped rice cereal and went right for banana’s. She wasn’t quite ready to chew yet so I mashed them up and she loved them! After about 72 hours we introduced carrots. She doesn’t like them quite as much as banana’s but she doesn’t dislike them either. About a week after that I decided to try Avacado. Not only can she not stand it (the taste makes her gag) but it also made her throw up 😦 So for now Banana’s and carrots.

Here are a few good web sites for anyone that is interested in reading into it:

This site tells you what are good first foods.

This site goes over baby led weaning in more detail

For your viewing pleasure here are a few pictures. Speaking of Anaiah she is demanding my attention so off I go. I really am going to try to blog/journal more. Some of my posts may be private though so we’ll see.






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