30 Day Shred

My husband and I decided we wanted to work out but going to the gym just does not fit into our busy schedules. I’m more of a work-out-at-home kind of a person. So we decided to do Jillian Michael’s 30 day shred video. The video is only 27 minutes long. 20 minutes of which is actual work out so not bad at all. But since it’s only 20 minutes you do the work out every day. It’s circuit training so we work multiple muscles at the same time rather then individually. Pack more into less time. So far we are both enjoying it. We are on day 5 today and so far I have seen an improvement in Jon as far as muscle tone. Not so much for me yet. grrrr but it’s only been 5 days so we’ll see what 30 days brings.

Working out so far has helped a lot. I get up earlier so I have time to do more stuff around the house prior to work. But mostly it has been helping me get out some of my frustration. So far I really enjoy it and wish I had started a work out at home video years ago.

Nikko has gotten used to the fact that I work out every morning and think’s it’s play time. This morning he was pawing at my weights. (he paws at his food dish when he’s hungry) He pawed at the weights and just looked at me. He also loves to try to play with me when I’m working out. This morning when I was doing push ups he crawled under me and laid on his back and just looked up at me. And when I do crunches he likes to lick my face. Silly puppy. I have a picture that I need to post of him in my face.