Trains trains and more trains!

Jon and I went down to Connecticut to visit his dads side of the family on 12/18. We ended up leaving later then we expected to so we didn’t get to visit for a long as we usually do but it was nice seeing everyone. The party began at his Uncle Steves house and moved to the nursing home that his grandfather is staying. Here are a few pictures. I didn’t get many because we were pretty much sitting around eating and talking which would make awkward  photo’s.

Jon's grandfather

here is one of those awkward photo’s I previously mentioned.

Joe and Jon's dad

Group photo

After we were done visiting Steve brought us to see his model trains. Him and a group of other guys put this together on their own time and open it up to the public. My nephew Owen would have really liked this! It was amazing. There were buttons you could press to make the stations do stuff. One that you pressed made the mechanic work on the car and it sparked.

Ann's "Oh my gosh it's a train!" face

Here is a video my husband took.


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