Thanks giving 2010 *edited*

My side of the family had a small Thanksgiving/Christmas gathering this year. It was so nice to see everyone! I hadn’t seen my cousine’s children in a very very long time. It was nice to see them again. It reminded me of what my cousines and I were like at that age. Ah to go back in time just for a bit….

The gathering was at my aunts house. We ate and talked and watched the kids play. Here are some photo’s that I took.


Here is a video I took. The kids kept asking my cousine Jon to blow up the balloon.



2 thoughts on “Thanks giving 2010 *edited*

  1. Cute pictures!

    I’ve never tried lard in a pie crust but I’ve had pie crusts made with lard and I like it. I’m not a fan of shortening either, it doesn’t make the best crust. Sometimes I try using butter, but lard is the traditional way to make it. Where did you find yours? I tried looking the other day and couldn’t find any!

  2. Mine uses a combination of lard and butter. First I tried one of Alton Brown’s pie crusts. Typically I LOVE his recipies but his crust was WAY to buttery for me. The I found this one by barfoot contessa and I LOVE IT!

    I just substitute lard instead of shortening. Alton Brown uses Lard in his recipes so I decided to use lard in this one instead of shortening.

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