My brother in law and his wife celebrated their 6th anniversary yesterday so I baby sat my nephews so they could go out to eat. We watched a few episodes of Dora the Explorer then went up stairs to play with Owen’s train set. Bed time for the boys is 8 so I started attempting to get Owen ready at 7. Knowing full well that a 3 1/2 year old was NOT going to go to bed easy. Playing is way to much fun. Owen was very particular about his bed time routing. Toys needed to be picked up, put in the right bins and put the bins in the right places. He let me know when I put something in the wrong place lol. Then potty then brushing of teeth. At which he advised me the proper way to brush LOL. Up, down, side to side. To cute. Then upstairs to read them a story. We read a few stories then sang a song. However apparently the lights are supposed to be off before we sing so I sang the song twice. I told him I didn’t know his special song so he had me sing him the alphabet.


Wesley is 16 month’s now and all over the place. He kept crawling over to the other side of the room near the fire place and the door asking where his dad was.

Here are a few pictures I managed to take:

watching Dora

Happy kitty.

climbing into the toy box to get what you need is easier



Trains trains and more trains!

Jon and I went down to Connecticut to visit his dads side of the family on 12/18. We ended up leaving later then we expected to so we didn’t get to visit for a long as we usually do but it was nice seeing everyone. The party began at his Uncle Steves house and moved to the nursing home that his grandfather is staying. Here are a few pictures. I didn’t get many because we were pretty much sitting around eating and talking which would make awkward  photo’s.

Jon's grandfather

here is one of those awkward photo’s I previously mentioned.

Joe and Jon's dad

Group photo

After we were done visiting Steve brought us to see his model trains. Him and a group of other guys put this together on their own time and open it up to the public. My nephew Owen would have really liked this! It was amazing. There were buttons you could press to make the stations do stuff. One that you pressed made the mechanic work on the car and it sparked.

Ann's "Oh my gosh it's a train!" face

Here is a video my husband took.

Christmas 2010


My father in law and mother in law. Ron and Deb

My in law’s Christmas tree

Every year for Christmas Jon and I get together with his immediate family on Christmas eve for Chinese, games and opening of gifts. We decided a few years ago it was easier (and less expensive) to have the adults (anyone 18 and over) pick names and buy a gift for their person. (as well as buy for kids  under 18).

This year we had a blast. Our nephews are both old enough to fully enjoy opening gifts. Owen wanted to be right there to watch every one open their gifts and really liked the train shirt from Grammy and Grampy. (I think it was from them)

It's a train!! (Owen really loves trains!)

Wesley loved opening gifts and seemed to really love all the clothes. At one point he picked up all the clothes, walked into the middle of the room and dumped them on the floor to play with them.

Wesley loved all the clothes

Wes opening his gift from Jon and I

Fleece pants made my aunt Amy

Here is a picture of the pants I made for him:

And not to side track but here are some fleece diaper covers I made for our diaper stash….that I hope to use some day

Fleece cover

Playing with grampa

More gifts!

A book from Aunt Ann I believe

hmmm this would make a cool drum

Look daddy wrapping paper!

intrigued by the wrapping paper

My husband loves to try to guess what the gift is before he opens it and he guesses right almost all the time. He’s not allowed to touch the gifts till Christmas! Here is Jon opening his gift from his sister Ann.

hmmm what could it be?

Crew hair stuff.

Here is his second gift from Ann. I wish I had gotten pictures of it but this gift was wrapped in a box, in a box…and eventually just wrapped in tissue paper.

Is it a graphic novel?

It is!

Here is his 3rd gift from Ann. Now remember what this looks like…’ll realize why later

Here is Ann opening my gift to her

LOL our sweaters match!

Twins! Oddly enough these were both purchased from Khols

I can't remember who got Joe but I forgot to take a picture so I made him pose

Here is Bethany opening her gift from Jon (my husband). Jon helped Bethany pick out a new lap top since she’s going away to school so he got her a really nice mouse and an 8 gig flash drive….oh and a little something else….just watch.

hmmm what could it be? Bethany likes to guess just like her big brother does. And that's my sister in law Ann sneaking into the photo LOL

It's a battery! Silly Bethany...keep looking

A battery! Silly Bethany..

It's squishy!! Bethany seemed a bit more excited about the squishy mouse case then the mouse itself lol

Here is Bethany’s 3rd gift. Jon made sure she opened the gifts in the right order.

What? Iphone 4? Noooo....this must be wrong....

nope it's my old iphone disguised in an iphone 4 box!

Jon got me an iphone 4 for Christmas so we gave Bethany my old one and put it in an iphone 4 box.

My sister in law Beth got my father in law his gift. Looks like he got a really nice pair of gloves as well as something for his computer that needs to be installed.

Bethany got my mother in law. She got Debbie and Ron each a new pillow as well as their own matching towels. The towels they have now are all random old towels. These looked nice and squishy!!

Ok now here are a few silly pictures that I took. As you can see we had quite a bit of fun with the wrapping paper!

wrapping paper fight!

Ok so I tried to get a video of them playing with the wrapping paper but apparently I thought I hit record but I didn’t…so when everyone was done I actually did hit record and realized it a minute later. So me being me I made them attempt to have another wrapping paper fight lol. Watch, closely, in the first video you can see my brother in law Jon being…well….Jon… lol

Here is Jon being silly again

Ninja! Jon snuck up behind his wife

Bethany with her elph hat on

Ok so that was Christmas eve. Christmas day we went to my moms house. It’s a 2 hour drive each way so we left around 9:30 and got there around 11:30

Nikko in the car on the ride there.

Random picture of my child hood gum ball machine. I LOVE this thing!

more random pictures

Jon checking out the expansion for Dominion that my mom got him. Really fantastic game for anyone that hasn’t tried it. We have lots of really fun games!

My grammy

The socks my grammy made for Jon. She makes them every year. They are so warm and soft!

This cake was sooooo good! And so was the meal! I love my moms cooking!

Jon and I with my mom and my grammy..oh and can't forget Nikko!

We opened gifts, ate, and talked. It was really nice to see my mom and grandmother again. I don’t get up there to see them often enough. While we all talked in the kitchen here is what Jon was doing:

lol. He didn’t sleep the whole time, just took a nap but I couldn’t help but snap a picture. I can’t complain though cause he drives both ways so that was 2 hours in the car today.

After we left my moms house we went to his parents again. Christmas day is when they have Debbie’s family come over. We always get there at the tail end but it’s just long enough to see presents be open and chat with people before they head home.

I have no idea why the coloring came out the way it did. The battery in my camera died so 99% of these were taken with my iphone…ok so pretty much all the pictures you see here accept the group picture of my family was taken with my iphone

This is Chris and Judi. They are really good friends of ours so Jon’s family have kind of adopted them 🙂

Ok well this blog post has taken me at least an hour so I’m going to post more Christmas stuff later. I haven’t even touched upon our trip to see my father in law’s side of the family. We went down to visit them last weekend. And I have pictures of our tree and decorations that I’m going to post too.

Thanks giving 2010 *edited*

My side of the family had a small Thanksgiving/Christmas gathering this year. It was so nice to see everyone! I hadn’t seen my cousine’s children in a very very long time. It was nice to see them again. It reminded me of what my cousines and I were like at that age. Ah to go back in time just for a bit….

The gathering was at my aunts house. We ate and talked and watched the kids play. Here are some photo’s that I took.


Here is a video I took. The kids kept asking my cousine Jon to blow up the balloon.