I’m really starting to enjoy sewing. It started with me wanting to cloth diaper. I bought some prefolds when my husband and I were expecting through adoption but I knew after 3-6 month’s I’d want to start using AIO’s or pockets. So I bought the Jalie Pattern and started sewing.

and this is when you turn the diaper inside out. This makes drying easier

After sewing a few of those I decided I wanted to try making some AIO OS (all in one, one size) so using the sprout snap pattern I made these:

I also decided I wanted to use cloth wipes too. These are super easy to make. They would be even easier if I could get my serger to work!

I’ve recently started using the fatty cakes pattern: very easy to use once I got a picture tutorial.

I have to get more material in order to keep making diapers so in the mean time I decided to try making pillow case dresses. They aren’t actually made out of pillow cases any more but they easily could be..

This one was made out of an old skirt I had:

this one I made from some left over material that I had. This one is my favorite!

I have also made some fleece covers recently. They are really easy and fun to make: They  are used as a water proof cover. YOu can put them over prefolds or fitted diapers.

I didn’t get to sew today. It just didn’t work out. I tried but first my serger stopped serging. Then I spilled all my needles on the floor. Then when I started sewing more fleece covers I couldn’t get them sewn right. After that my bobbin ran out of thread so I called it quits. I did manage to finish sewing one but I probably won’t be able to sew again till next week. I start working full time next week so I will do the majority of my sewing on the weekend.


Fall colors

Fall is here. It came SOOOO quickly and it’s going by even quicker. I managed to get a few pictures. My SIL Beth and I wanted to make sure we got to enjoy the colors this year and we wanted to go out and take pictures. I managed to get a few when I was at a young woman’s activity a few weeks ago. Beth and I are hoping to go out with the boys Tuesday so hopefully I’ll have even more pictures!

Not much else is going on. Jon and I met a birth mom from Florida. She is due 1/16 with a boy but she needed to many birth mom expenses and it was really bad timing for us because our tenant moved out and we used our adoption money to fix up the unit for our new tenants. So after a month of texting her every day and talking via face book the match came to an end.

Jon’s career continues to grow. He loves what he does. He travels for work now. A week ago he got to go to Denmark for a week. I’m getting my passport so when he goes internationally again I can take vacation time if I want and go with him! He’s the lead Sales Engineer now so he’s taken more of a management role with in the company. It’s more work but it’s also more pay and he really enjoy’s what he does.

I’ve been getting back into sewing cloth diapers again. I’m trying a new pattern (Fattycakes pattern) it’s a cute side snap diaper and fairly easy to make once I got a picture tutorial from a friend. I have also been making tutus’. I’ll make another post with pictures of my work another day.

Here are a few: