Look who’s 1!

My nephews 1st birthday was yesterday! I can’t believe he’s one already. I forgot my camera so didn’t get birthday pictures 😦 I’ll get some from my sister in law though and post some later.

It’s hard to believe he’s one. (I’m sure his parents feel the same) seems like just yesterday they announced their pregnancy. Wes is crawling and standing up. He will be walking soon I’m sure! He has a couple of teeth as well so he is currently teething. He loves to talk and babbles up a storm. Especially when he’s hungry!

In the mean time here are some pictures of my nephews I took at my mother in law’s house yesterday afternoon!

Mountain of cups!

Here we go!

ooh music!

ooh music!

say cheese!

Here are some pictures of Owen (We’s brother) he turned 3 this past May.

Hamming it up for the camera. He LOVES to have his picture taken and will pose. To cute!

before he posed

perfect pose

Pose #2

pose #3

he loves this toy too

Well that’s all the pictures I got. I will upload more once I get a few from my sister in law.


My Shadow kitty

Jon and I found out recently that my 13 year old cat has lymphoma. 😦 He went from 13 pounds to 6 pounds in a year. (and had lost 2 pounds in the past 2 month’s) he was losing weight rapidly and already 13 years old so after talking to my vet we decided to put him down. I miss him tremendously and every now and then our dog sniffs around the cat stuff.

Here are some pictures of my kitty. He’ll be burried in my mother in law’s garden.

I have lots I have been meaning to blog about but haven’t taken the time lately to do it. I’ll try to do some updates this week.