Liam has started smiling. It’s so cute! He mostly does it after he nurses LOL. Sometimes he does it in his sleep. I need to get a picture of it. It’s really cute. He’s also learned to put his fist in his mouth when he wants to suck. To cute. I usually end up nursing him at that point but it’s cute none-the-less that he’s starting to sooth himself.

He LOVES the swing my mom bought him. What a life saver that has been. He will fall asleep in it so quickly. I used to put him in his crib but he takes naps in the swing now. SOOOOO much easier to get him to sleep that way! He also loves to be swaddled but seems to get out of every swaddle. He loves to poke his hands through the top. I just ordered these so hopefully I can get a tighter swaddle. They are also lighter material then the wraps we have right now. And I personally like to actually do my swaddle but needed better blankets.

He does not like the moby wrap. I might try it again when he’s older. He screams so loud when I put him in it. I was really looking forward to “baby wearing” but I guess that might have to wait. It took us at least 1/2 hour to calm him down the last time I tried putting him in the hug hold in the moby. I do have a maximom carrier that a friend gave me quite a few years ago. it’s not the best and a little complicated to use but it’s something for now. It’s like the bjorn but you can carry on your back or front. In facing or out facing. I really wanted a carrier for when I go for walks or go to church vs keeping him in his car seat.

My mom and grandmother game up to help out last week and to visit with Liam. It was so nice to have help around the house. They cooked meals and cleaned my bathroom and kitchen. Both of which needed a good scrubbing. now all I need to do is get the office and our bedroom cleaned and organized. *sigh*


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