3rd times a charm

Back in November Jon and I were matched with a birth mother. A friend of ours had a friend that was pregnant and already had 4 kids so couldn’t financially take care of another baby. So he told her about us and how we had JUST (about 3 weeks before we heard from her) had a failed match (birth mother went into labor and father decided he wanted to parent) Our birth mother is 28 with 4 kids so it’s a much better situation then our last adoption. She was about 4 1/2 months along when we met her. She told us how she’s always wanted to be a surrogate and that she was happy to be able to give such a gift to people like Jon and I who have struggled to have a baby. We found out early February (around 29 weeks) that the baby is a boy. He had no problem showing us his gender but didn’t want to show his face. Go figure. So we have lots of leg and arm/hand shots! We weren’t able to get a 3D because I guess they only do it if the baby’s face is showing. I was a bit disappointed about that (since we were so spoiled with 3D/4D ultrasounds with our last match) but the important thing was that we found out the gender. We immediately started painting the nursery. This up coming Saturday (during my shower) my husband will be putting the nursery furniture together.

We didn’t tell family for about 3 month’s. We were very hesitant to tell anyone till we knew this was the real thing. She has met with the social worker numerous times and filled out her health forms. I really didn’t want to put my family through what they went through before which is one reason we waited.

Here are some ultrasound pictures. His name is Liam Joseph Klick. Joseph after my grandfather.



We had a HUGE storm recently. Winds were ridiculous. Ripping up trees by the roots, throwing stuff around outside (hitting our house) it even ripped off a shingle which I believe is what scratched our 2008 carolla. Roof shingles were ALL over the place and one of our porch windows was blown in. (the porch is really old and decrepit so that’s not a surprise) We had more roof leaks (even though we paid someone to fix them last summer) so we have to get the roof repaired as well as our car. Here are some pictures of the storm.