Christmas 2009

Christmas was spent like usual. We went to my mom’s house first and spent Christmas morning with my family. This year it was a small gathering. It was primarily my mom and my grandmother followed by Jon and I (and Nikko of course!). My aunt Jan and uncle Kevin showed up later though. There was lots of yummy food like always. This year my favorite was a dip that my mom made. It was a red pepper dip. It was sooooo yummy. I don’t even want to tell you how much of it I ate. For lunch we had all kinds of yummy foods. My mom is such a good cook. She went out of her way like always. Rolls, yummy meats, casaroles. Makes me want to move closer to home just thinking about it. There is nothing like mom’s cooking. I certainly hope that our children think of my cooking like that some day.

Jon and I got spoiled with gifts like usual. We had quite a few gifts to load into the car as we packed up to leave to go visit his family.  Here are 2 pictures that my aunt Jan took. They’d be GREAT pictures if it wasn’t for my husband making some kind of funny face.

Here are some pictures of our Christmas tree