Naughty puppy

Here are some pictures I took of Nikko getting into mischief. Unfortunately I was laid off on 2/12 so I’ve been able to be home with the puppy….which is good for the puppy but unfortunate that I lost my job.  Anyhow, most of these pictures were taken around 11 weeks. He’s 13 weeks now and has learned what the word “NO” means.


New member of the Klick Family!

Quite a few months ago, and by quite a few months ago I mean mid 2008 I decided that I wanted a puppy since we didn’t have children.  After a lot of research and begging my husband he agreed to get me a puppy for our 5 year annivarsary which was back in November 2008. We found a breeder and on December 24, 2008 our puppy was born! We brought him home on February 28th.   We decided to name him Nikko.

According to our contract, since he is show quality, we don’t have to neuter him and we can show him if we want but we are not sure what we are going to do at this point.  Here are a few pictures.